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World's Slimmest 10MP Camera

This week Casio is rolling out its EX-S10 digital camera, which it claims to be the world's thinnest with 10 megapixels of resolution.

At 15mm thick, it is, indeed, awfully svelte. On paper, the specs range from good to impressive, too: 2.7-inch LCD; 3X optical zoom; sensitivity up to ISO 1600; weighs only four ounces without the battery; available in four colors; and priced at just $250.

A lone sore spot: No image stabilization. I don't know about you, but I've come to rely on image stabilization to rectify my shaky-cam shots and turn blurry, running children into crisp action shots.

The cameras look good, but the proof will be in testing how well it performs at taking actual pictures. (It's impossible to judge based on an LCD preview, of course.) Stay tuned for hands-on coverage after CES wraps!

LINK: Casio Press Release


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