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Hotel in the sea

Poseidon's construction and expected Hydropolis trigger 'madness' new world tourism industry.

Bellyful stayed at the hotel luxurious with equipment bathroom gilt or room which offered concept cowboy?
Hotel always try push difference to attract customer cause have hotel try show unlimited luxury or each room have unique concept that different so customer sense value exclusive
Attempt create difference already become deep normal thing hotel industry. However, this industry achieve extraordinary level when two hotel in the sea planned to build in Lautan Pasifik Selatan and Teluk Parsi.
This idea first time mooted by President US Submarines Inc., Bruce Jones, with resort centre Poseidon in Pulau Eleuthera, Bahamas, Hotel so planned about 15 deep metre sea and connect to the mainland through two tunnel and escalator with stress in it equivalent as land.

Have own restaurant, a bar and 20 large room with acrylic wall translucent facing rockery that can torched at light nocturnally.
Jones says, guest can see different kind tropical fish, tuna and turtle. If fortunate, get look shark from in the hotel room comfortable or when is in jacuzzi respectively.
"Design would enjoy five star service with a view sea in the world very exciting. More important is customer need not wear wet suit to to arrive their hotel suite," he said.
However, Jones's desire to realize his project in Bahamas not achieved as negotiations with the owner the island meet deadlock and after a year no solution, Jones forced move to different location

Ultimately successful Jones meet new island by Fijian and if everything goes well, new Poseidon valuable RM270 million will be built about 4.5 deep metre sea.
The project involve about 2,000 sq metre room with each room enable guest see the sea rich with coral.
However, Poseidon not only singly hotel whose will be built deep sea. This hotel have great competitor which offered concept that same, viz Hydropolis Underwater Hotel and Resort planned to build in Dubai.
Standard Hydropolis 10 star with the cost estimated about RM1.8 billion so planned to build about 20 deep metre Teluk Parsi's waters outside Pantai Jumeira, Dubai. Project area is about 260 hectare
Hotel so am being projected have three part, viz land complex will receive guest. This complex join to main area hotel through tunnel and transport equipment is train
As many as 220 hotel suite build which offered beautiful scenery as fish and living creatures different sea swim.
This hotel am being projected open end of this year, but have to be postponed because cost factor and issue environment as impact of the project for marine life causing opening hotel scheduled again to 2009.
Their loaded of course waiting in order to be main company stay hotel in the sea. To them, money is not more measure, but rich experience deep sea become struggle.
Perhaps when hotel in the sea become reality and normal thing, have developer will build hotel in outer space. If outer space tourism already become reality, not impossible big investment make to construct hotel outer space.


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